Travelling to the Amalfi Coast with a Baby

When you want to enjoy the Amalfi Coast with your new arrival there are lots of things you need to plan for. Travelling with a baby can be a stressful business if you try and holiday in the same way that you did when it was just the two of you. The secret is to spend plenty of time planning and researching so that you can all have the restful and enjoyable holiday that dreams are made of.

To get you off to a fast start we’ve put together a simple to follow guide that will allow you to plan your holiday months in advance. Ideal if you want to enjoy every second from the moment you land.

Choosing where to stay with a baby  

The beauty of travelling to the Amalfi Coast with a family is that it offers something different to choose from in every single town and city. Whilst this gives you plenty of variety and choice, it can make it more difficult to make your first decision: where to stay during your holiday.

When you have a pram or a stroller you want to ensure that your destination is easily accessible and doesn’t involve you trying to navigate long flights of steps down to the sea. This can often rule out some of the smaller and quieter towns which tend to be set back from the shore on top of the stunning clifftops. You might consider a choice between Positano and Sorrento. The former is ideal for young families, whilst the latter will be more your thing if you’re looking to get away from the crowds and take your time. Both have easy access to the nearby airport in Napoli which will make getting to and from your residence nice and easy.  

How to know what to pack for your baby

Packing for a trip away with your new baby can feel like something of a logistical nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The key thing to remember is that you will need all of the same things, and also plenty of light fabrics to keep them nice and cool.

You need to keep your little one out of the sun so they don’t get too hot, which means hats, sunshades, and high SPF sunscreen will be the order of the day. Most flights will allow you to check-in your carseat and stroller at no extra charge which is ideal if you’re travelling with a budget in mind. Just make sure that you pack plenty of nappies and bottles so that you don’t have to head out to the supermarket the moment you land. It would also be worthwhile checking what types of baby foods are available locally if your baby is being weaned onto solids.

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Best types of accommodation when you have a young baby

Travelling with a baby is all about making things as easy as possible, which means you need to find some child-friendly accommodation. Many couples with babies choose to stay in fully catered hotels so they can have a break from the cooking and cleaning that they seem to spend half of their lives doing back home. If you decide to follow suit, then you will need to check a couple of key things before booking.

Stepped entrances might look nice in a brochure, but if you have to carry your pram up them every day then they will become a noticeable inconvenience. Find somewhere with easy access that also offers a range of sleeping options for little ones. Cots, cribs, and even Moses baskets are often available at most hotels, but it would be pragmatic to check before you book.

Entertainment that will keep the parents entertained

The final thing you need to think about is how to amuse yourselves. As young parents you will rarely get a spare minute at home, so you should treat your holiday on the Amalfi Coast as your chance to recharge your batteries and unwind as much as practically possible. Positano offers plenty of evening entertainment near the beach that is geared to young families. The music on offer adds to the ambience but isn’t loud enough to keep your baby awake into the early hours of the morning. This makes it the ideal destination to stay in if you want to go out on a couple of evenings and enjoy some drinks with the benefit of a cooling sea breeze. Or you can head into the centre of Sorrento and find a relaxing cafe for the evening if you want something slightly calmer to do on the Coast.

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