Why Visiting the Amalfi Coast in November is a Great Idea

Amalfi Coast Weather in November

Avg. temperature: 17°C / 63°F

Rain: 49 mm per month

Sun: 9 Hrs per day

Avg. Humidity: 75%

Getting away from it all is about taking a break from things when you feel like you need it. If you miss the summer and are stuck in limbo waiting for the Christmas holidays, why not book a few days away on the Amalfi Coast in November? Most people will think of skiing in the Alps or a visit to Lapland at this time of year, but what if you want to still enjoy some sun and warmth?

The Amalfi Coast is a destination that allows you to experience centuries of culture and tradition in just a few short miles of coastline. The beauty is that it doesn’t get all that cold at any point in the year, so you can get away from home for a few days and take yourself to a sunnier climate. Not only that, but there’s so much to see and do there that you’ll probably get a lot more out of your holiday than if you sat in the sun for a week.

Average lows of 13 degrees Celsius make this an autumnal destination unlike any other  

High temperatures average about 20, and it rarely drops out of the mid double figures at night. The great thing about this is that it offers you plenty of opportunity to stretch your legs at night and explore some of the beaches now that the tourists have been and gone for another year. If you want to enjoy the best sunset the Coast has to offer, then head on over to Praiano an hour or so before the sun goes down. All you need is a nice jumper and you’ll be all warm and snug on the cliff tops as you see something you can’t experience anywhere else in the world.

Sorrento is the place to stay in November

Many people are a little surprised at how quiet some of the more touristy places like Positano are during November, but it makes sense really. The big hotels and beach clubs would be largely dormant if they were open, so they decide to shut for the season and the locals get the chance to put their feet up.

If you book yourself into a hotel in Sorrento then you’ll still have the entire city at your disposal — very little shuts here. That’s because this is where the locals go to eat, drink, and shop, and it’s a great place to base yourself if you want to be immersed in the local culture. See how can you get from Naples to Sorrento.

Light traffic makes heading to Amalfi Town and Ravello so much easier

The beauty of the off-season is that the roads are so much quieter. If you decide to get around by car or bus then you can do it so much easier than in those hectic peak summer months, especially since the new number plate system isn’t in effect. Going to Amalfi Town to gaze in wonder at the cathedral or heading up to the cliff top gardens in Ravello are two great ways to get out and about for an afternoon. Perfect if you want to work up an appetite so you can fill up at the restaurants close to Sorrento’s famous square.

Head to Naples on a rainy day

Naples is the home of Neapolitan pizza, and it’s a city unlike any other. You can get there in little over an hour if you catch the train from Sorrento — another reason you might want to base yourself there — and the tickets are always reasonably priced. It rarely rains, but when it does why not get away from the Coast and see the cathedrals that make Naples famous? Check how can you get from Naples to Positano

There’s more to do in Amalfi Town than you might think

Amalfi Town is the place that gives the Coast its name, and when you visit it you’ll see that it’s full to bursting with exciting things to do. It’s known for its fresh pastries and energising espressos, and it also has a stunning cathedral that you can’t go home without having seen. There’s also a local paper museum, and the noteworthy Pasticceria Pansa eatery. All you need to do now is decide which one you want to see first, and then head on over for a great day out.

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11 thoughts on “Why Visiting the Amalfi Coast in November is a Great Idea”

  1. Hi, we are expecting our first child and my husband and I are planning to visit Amalfi Coast in the 1st week of November as our babymoon destination. Due to my health we could not go earlier and now I am in my second trimester. Could you please suggest some places to visit, what clothes would be ideal (should we pack warm clothes like coat, jacjets, hats or can take dresses with cardigan). Will we be able to see a doctor if required? I can’t climb steps at the moment, so plain areas would be preferred. Thank you in advance.

    1. Congratulations! As we mentioned, temperature can go down to 13°C/55.4°F during the night so it would be good to have some jacket with you. Since you are on a coast, expect some wind. Giving that you are not able to climb stairs, I would suggest that you avoid Positano as climbing stairs is almost inevitable. Sorrento will be your best bet. For sure use a private car transfer (like mydaytrip.com) which can get you comfortably from Naples/Rome. Once there, you can have a look at our blog The best things to do on the Amalfi Coast. Hope you have a wonderful trip 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for your reply. I hope the weather will be pleasant and sunny during the day and the shops and restaurants will be open then. Thank you for the link to your blog 🙂

  2. Hi we would like to visit amalfi, based in sorrento, during the second week in November.

    We don’t drive and would like to visit the towns along the coast via boat. Are these still running regularly? Also considering a day in ischia. Would it be worth doing at this time of year. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Cath,

      November is a great time to visit the Amalfi Coast to enjoy the views without the crowds! Unfortunately the ferry stops running at the end of October. But you don’t need to drive! Buses are still operating, or you can hire a car transfer with a service like mydaytrip.com which lets you travel on your own schedule and stop for sightseeing stops if you want to visit multiple towns along the coast (Ravello for the views!).

      The ferry from Sorrento to Ischia also stops running at the end of October, so you would need to go back to Naples to get one. If you can adjust your schedule to have an extra day in Naples, that would definitely make a daytrip easier! The main drawback of visiting in November is some of the restaurants, shops, and spas will be closed. But that doesn’t matter much when you get the highlights like the castle and beaches without the high season crowds!

  3. Hi I’m visiting positano around 30th Nov till 4th Dec. I booked an Airbnb but after reading blogs and all idk whether I should stay in sorrento instead. Also do you still think busses will be available as I would love to stop by amalfi as well.

    1. Hi!

      It depends what you’re looking for. Not everything will be open in Positano, but if you like walking around, hiking, and just relaxing on the beach, the lack of crowds is very nice. But not much closes in the off season in Sorrento (or Amalfi), so you’ll have more restaurants and shops to choose from.

      And the buses do run, so no matter where you stay, you’ll be able to make daytrips along the coast (and won’t have to worry as much about finding room on the bus!).

  4. thank you for all this help. Would you please advise…for that quintessential, luxury and romantic experience…that we were expecting to enjoy staying in Positano(now realize Positano will be mostly shut down) would you recommend Amalfi or Sorrento? We will be there 11/19-11/22. We plan on renting a private boat and seeing Capri and the Amalfi Coast by water, another day to Pompeii, evenings…walking the romantic streets and getting the “Amalfi feel”. On 11/22 we are off to Tuscany for 5 nights. The hotels we were entertaining are, NH in Amalfi and/or Lorelie, Exelsior or Bellvue in Sorrento. We were booked in a Villa at Villa Magia but canceled when we found out the hotel would be closed, just the villa open. So appreciative of your help.

    1. Hi Kim!

      The Amalfi Coast and Tuscany! That sounds like a wonderful trip!

      If you’re planning various day trips Sorrento would definitely be the more convenient option. You can still get to the towns on the coast to walk around during the day and then back to Sorrento for dinner by the sea. Amalfi admittedly has a prettier setting, but it will add extra travel time for all your activities. Or you could split your stay between Sorrento and Amalfi. 🙂

      One thing you should definitely do though is look into taking a private car with a company like mydaytrip.com down to the Amalfi Coast. You can add a sightseeing stop at Pompeii on the way, so you’ll have more time to explore the coast!

  5. Hello, I’m wondering if amalfi and Ravello stay relatively open in the month of November or if staying there would feel like a ghost town. My husband and I currently have a hotel in ravello but we are rethinking moving to sorrento. Also, would you recommend renting a car to get around or will public trans suffice?

    1. Hi Hannah!

      Lots of the restaurants and other tourist-focused businesses will be closed, but locals still live there, so it won’t feel like a total ghost town. Amalfi is the least affected of all the towns on the coast, and the main attractions at Ravello (Villas Cimbrone and Rufolo) stay open. So it depends on what you want out of your stay. If you value the views and atmosphere above anything else, you’ll still get those in Ravello (and with less people). If you want more choice of restaurants and shops close to your hotel, Sorrento would be better. Depending on how long you’re staying you could also split your visit between Ravello and Amalfi or Sorrento.

      As for the car, it is a bit more convenient (but you’ll need to abstain from limoncello 😀 ). The buses run regularly (about 2 an hour) and it’s only 25 minutes from Ravello to Amalfi. From there you can get one to all the other towns. A car will let you go directly to the other towns – you or your husband will just want to be a confident driver since the roads are quite narrow and windy. Again it’s your preference here. Personally, I like taking public transit when I travel since it’s a more authentic experience. If you do decide to stay in Ravello and don’t rent a car, I would recommend using a private car service like mydaytrip.com to get from and to Naples though. Those bus transfers aren’t quite as nice with luggage.

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