What to Do in Positano

The Amalfi Coast is somewhere that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It’s a little corner of traditional Italy that has been preserved for centuries, and it allows you to rest and relax like nowhere else in Europe. The architecture, the food, the wine, they all come together in perfect harmony to create a home away from home that you’ll never want to leave.

If you’ve decided to base yourself in the family friendly town of Positano then you’ll have all sorts of things to see and do right there on your doorstep. And the same goes if you’re staying elsewhere on the Coast and you want to visit Positano a few times — it’s bursting with activities that will make your next holiday one to remember forever. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few of the most popular things to do so that you have plenty of ideas.

How to get from Naples to Positano

Enjoy some grass court tennis at Al Settimo

The sun may beat down in Positano, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stretch your legs and do something a little more vigorous than sunning yourself on the beach from time to time. When the mood takes you, why not head on over to the Al Settimo tennis club. It’s rather unique in Italy in that it offers grass courts which makes the game fast, fun, and easy on your knees. Ideal if you want to burn off some energy before your big evening meal.

Visit the Grotta di Fornillo

The Amalfi Coast is a region steeped in tradition, and one in which the church still plays a very prominent role in people’s everyday lives. If you want to really immerse yourself in the local culture, then visiting the Grotta di Fornillo needs to be high up on your list of things to do. By giving thanks and taking the time to reflect on how lucky you are to be free to enjoy this special corner of the world, you’re sure to come away with a fresh perspective. After all, isn’t that what holidays are all about?

Explore the Miniaci Art Gallery

If you want to see a selection of art from all over Europe then this is the place to go. It’s smaller and quainter than the big galleries you’ll find in Rome and Milan, and that’s really the beauty of it. Without the crowds descending on every picture you’ll have time to take everything in and work your way through the entire collection. There are also regular exhibits by local artists that change with the seasons too which always go down well.

Look around the Museum of Roman Archeology

Italy is and always will be known as the land of the Romans. They may have had their origins in the great city of Rome, but they touched every corner of Italy. The Museum of Archeology is a great place to visit if you want to immerse yourself in centuries of history in a single afternoon. As with Miniaci, it’s small enough that you can see everything in a few hours, and you won’t have to fight through the crowds to see the star attractions.

See the sights of the Emerald Grotto

The Emerald Grotto can be easily reached by boat in just a few minutes, and it allows you to explore a network of caves that are something to truly behold. The green light that permeates every corner of the caves gives them their name, and it’s a sight you’re sure to remember for a lifetime. If you want to enjoy something that will keep the kids occupied for a few hours, then a boat trip could be just what you need.

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Enjoy a drink on El Pirata  

The Amalfi Coast is all about doing things you can’t do anywhere else, and El Pirata is the epitome of that notion. If you want to enjoy a well deserved cold drink at the end of the day, then where better to do so than on the deck of a real life pirate ship? It’s certainly a great opportunity to grab plenty of photos to show your friends and family back home.

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