What to Do on Your Weekend in The Amalfi Coast

When you picture yourself resting and relaxing, you instantly think of somewhere just like the Amalfi Coast. You want tranquil seas and centuries of culture sat side by side in perfect harmony, and that’s just what you’ll find in this little corner of the world.

If you’ve decided that a weekend is easier to fit in than 3 full days on the Amalfi Coast then you’re going to want to have a few ideas in your head of what you want to do before you land. That way you’ll be able to make the most of your time away, and get back to work on Monday having had the time of your lives.

Walk the Centro Storico in Salerno

If you’ve decided a couple of days is the right amount of time to spend on the Amalfi Coast, then what you need is a plan that ensures you make the most of it. Walking through the bustling Centro Storico in Salerno is a great way to find your feet by immersing yourself in the culture of the Coast.

Take plenty of spending money with you so that you can treat yourself to some street food, as well as dipping in and out of the many little boutique shops you’ll find populating the winding backstreets.

Book a Limoncello tasting tour

The region is known for this mouthwatering tipple, and with good reason. You’ll no doubt have tried and tasted it in a few bars over the years, but nothing compares to enjoying it in the area that’s best known for it.

Tasting tours are popular in the peak summer months, and especially on weekends. Ideal if you want to give your tastebuds something to smile about whilst you take in the sights and learn the subtle differences between all the different varieties of the Amalfi Coast’s favourite drink!

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Explore the Blue Cave Grotto by boat

The island of Capri is easily reached by ferries from Positano, and it’s home to all sorts of unique attractions and entertainment. Being an island, it’s developed its own culture over the centuries and offers something different to the mainland. The beaches and nightlife come highly recommended, but it you really want to enjoy something special then you need to take to the water.

The Blue Cave Grotto is a network of underwater caves that simply cannot be missed. Booking a boat tour is easy, and because tickets are reasonably priced it makes a great option if you’re travelling with a large group.

Travel from the airport to Sorrento by train to enjoy the scenery   

La Circumvesuviana offers you a scenic route from Naples Airport to Sorrento. It makes for a great option if you want to see lots of the local scenery and enjoy something a little more memorable than a taxi ride along the highway.

One of the real attractions of this route is Mt Vesuvius — a sight that will stay with you for a lifetime and make for a great photo to show your friends and family when you return from your travels.

Watch the catch of the day in Cetara

There are so many hidden gems dotted along the Amalfi Coast that it’s impossible to see them all in just one weekend. If you want to see a glimpse into the past and explore the culture of old Italy, then Cetara is as good a place as any to start.

The people here still rely on fishing as one of their main trades, and it’s a village that’s been largely untouched by the huge influx of tourists to the Coast as a whole. If you decide you want to be a little bit adventurous, then sacrificing your lie in and getting up at sunrise to see the catch of the day come in will be well worth it.

Relax on the Marina Grande

Finally, we all need to rest and relax just a little bit don’t we? Even if we’re only away for a weekend. The biggest beach is the Marina Grande, and its close proximity to bars, eateries, and the shops makes it a must-visit destination for sun seekers looking to relax on the soft sand.

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